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The Harmony Between Organic and Geometric Design Elements in Women's Formalwear

May 2023

Concept and Inspiration
As I examined three vintage gowns from the Cornell Fashion and Textile Collection, I noticed that each dress has sharp edges, whether that be more organic/fluid shapes coming to a point or geometric shapes. I asked myself: Do they complement the female figure? Is it sexy? Where do they point towards? I aimed to have every element of this dress come to a point. The waist corset, including a lining with boning comes to a point below the waist, the petals, fully interfaced and pleated come to an organic point, the top of the bodice, containing foam cups, come towards three points, and the dual adjustable straps do the same. I draped the bodice to form fit the body, while considering the added layers of structure, and the skirt was draped and marked so that the petals will come together in the exact way of the drape after construction.
Sketch Design Inspiration



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