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Zoe Alvarez

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My name is Zoe Alvarez, and I am currently studying at Cornell University, majoring in Fashion Design and Management in the College of Human Ecology. I am also pursuing minors in Business and Human Development.

As I continue to explore and experiment to find my unique style in design, I am particularly drawn towards implementing technology and innovation in fashion. I am passionate about designing for different shapes, considering organic forms, movement, and functionality. My goal is to prioritize the wearer, designing for everyone regardless of their size, shape, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or race. I aspire to create clothing that makes people fall in love with their wardrobe and feel confident every day, no matter the occasion.

In addition to my design work, I have an interest in the business side of the fashion industry. I am fascinated by marketing, merchandising, and inventory management. Understanding these aspects is crucial for building a successful fashion brand and ensuring that creative ideas are effectively brought to market.

Furthermore, I have experience in the technical side of fashion design. Creating technical flats and packs for manufacturers, as well as patterning, are skills I am focusing on to ensure that designs can be accurately and efficiently produced. Technical design is essential for translating creative concepts into tangible products.

By merging my creative vision with a solid understanding of business and technical design, I aim to contribute to the fashion industry in a comprehensive and impactful way.

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