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Collaborative Draping and Experimentation

March 30, 2023
In collaboration with Julie Park, another student, we conceptualized, designed, and constructed this corset top, maxi skirt, and kimono-inspired jacket. Designing alongside another student helped develop communication skills, conflict/compromise management, and aesthetic balancing aesthetics in design. I primarily worked on the corset and jacket, while my partner concentrated on the skirt.



“Companion Species (Catenary), 2021”

“Antipodes (Study in black), 2020”

Morning dew: the stigma of being brainwashed” by Soni Kum, Hiroki Yamamoto and Kazuya Takagawa, and Nobuaki Takekawa with curator Yumiko Okada

As my partner and I shared our separately discovered inspiration, we both felt a connection to our own pieces and wanted to find a way to combine elements of each piece from the Johnson Museum of Art. Julie chose pieces within “Morning dew: the stigma of being brainwashed”, while I focused on the aesthetics elements from “Companion Species (Oatenary), 2021” and “Antipodes (Study in black),
I felt inspired by the shapes, specifically sharp edges and triangular geometry and the detailed beaded handwork. I also appreciated the simplicity of “Antipodes”, but it’s impact with the black beading contrasting against the cream background.

Collaborative Concept and Mood Board

Based off of Julie's inspiration and interpretation, we decided to use a brown tone stretch woven and sheer white woven scarp/leftover fabric to match the earth tones found in from “Companion Species (Oatenary), 2021”. The sheer fabric alludes to the invisible lifestyles of Zainchi Koreans, the kimono, a connection to Japan, drapes over the piece and is a statement of hiding their identities, the corset represents repression, and the skirt shape is inspired the Korean tradition clothing, Hanbok.

For my corset, I created a V-neckline mimicking the shape that the triangular flag like elements create in
from “Companion Species (Oatenary). The exposed boning, an aesthetic element that matches the jacket is inspired by the harsh diagonal line and striking contrast in “Antipodes (Study in black), 2020”. I completing lots of hand-sewing work along all the edges on the jacket and boning on the corset, similar to the hand beading work in my inspiration pieces. Finally, the flat felled seams on the kimono-inspired jacket mimic the same vertical lines of the boning on the corset, adding another element of cohesion throughout the piece.
Draping and Muslins



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