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"Made to Last a Lifetime"

December, 2023
Through the ideation and creation of this piece, my experimentation with leather and adjustable clothing led me to question if any garment could genuinely promise to endure ‘made to last a lifetime’ quality in the face of our bodies’ inevitable fluctuations in size and shape over time

As we age, our bodies change significantly, but our clothes do not. Even garments created from durable materials, like leather and canvas, with quality construction that can potentially out survive the human lifespan, cannot truly be worn by a single consumer through their entire life, ultimately contributing to waste, the rise of overconsumption, and other unsustainable fashion practices. For some, a change in size limits creativity and self-expression through fashion as the entirety of a wardrobe can become inaccessible. My goal for this garment is to create a fully adjustable silhouette within a specific size range to fit the wearer over the course of a lifetime through the normal human body changes that we all experience.

Design Process





Design walked the runway during Cornell's Annual Cornell Fashion Collective's Spring 2024 show.


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