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Manmade? An Extension of the Natural State

June 2023
Shortlisted in the 2023 Choose Real Leather International Design Competition

Concept Board

This piece is inspired by human attempts and success at incorporating manmade structures and architecture into natural environments. Many want to blend into their surroundings, becoming one with nature, rather than interrupting the natural environment with sharp lines and harsh corners. Drawing inspiration from architectural styles that embrace nature's whimsical and unpredictable forms, such as the curvature of buildings and the shaping of stones into pathways, this dress embodies the essence of a stone walkway. Each fragment is meticulously carved from 100% cowhide leather scraps, expertly fashioned into organic shapes that seamlessly interlock, mirroring the harmony in a stone pathway's design. I pose the thought-provoking question: can manmade objects and structures be considered an extension of nature's beauty? Simultaneously, this piece showcases the beauty, durability, and versatility of sourcing a natural material, leather, specifically scraps and turning it into beautiful works of art and function. I sourced these leather scraps and leftovers from a leatherworking shop in New York city, minimizing waste. While the textile was created with leather, the lining, incorporating spiral steel boning for structure, is made from cotton, further emphasizing the importance of using natural materials. Embracing the organic forms of the human body, this dress blurs the line between manmade and natural, inviting contemplation on our relationship with the world around us.

Technical Flats


Construction Process


Construction Procedure


Design walked the runway during Cornell's Annual Cornell Fashion Collective's Spring 2024 show.


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